A short lack of concentration or falling into a microsleep can cause your car to run into the approaching traffic or leave the road. From 2016 on the EuroNCAP rating therefore includes the driver warning systems (LDW Lane Departure Warning) and the automatic lane keeping systems (LKA Lane Keeping Assistance). The EuroNCAP test protocol has the summarizing title Lane Support Systems.


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Testing Requirements

  • required path accuracy can only be performed by driving robots

  • steering robot must be turned off before LKA activates

  • powered off steering robot must turn very effortless not to interfere with the car's own steering action when lane keep assistant is working


Top Performance Values for LKA Testing: VEHICO Steering Robot CS-B20 and CS-B60

  • extremely low passive steering torque when powered off

  • minimal moment of inertia

  • no interference with lane keeping assistant

  • quick installation

  • no cogging

  • effortless turning

  • test configuration supports EuroNCAP regulations

  • compatible with all common GPS systems


More Details

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With our web-based unified operating software you have all the freedom to use one or multiple systems. Even the most complex driving robot scenarios are configured as easily as a single system alone. There is no need for an expensive specialized software. The only thing you need is a browser!

What customer say about us

"The simple installation of the VEHICO Steering Robot has convinced us right away. No long removal of the steering wheel, no production of steering wheel adapters and especially no more trouble with the vehicle electronics - just mount the steering robot behind the vehicle steering wheel and start working."


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