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  • Kistler new salespartner of VEHICO
    All VEHICO products now also available at Kistler. Worldwide.
  • Racelogic Robot Integration
    High-precision driving with VEHICO driving robots and VBox Automotive Technology
  • Jaguar E-Pace World Record Jump
    Enabled by unmanned preparation jumps with VEHICO driving robots
  • EuroNCAP AEB VRU Testing
    Vulnerable Road User (VRU) / Pedestrian Tests: All tests easy to realize with VEHICO driving robots.
  • EuroNCAP Lane Support System (LSS) Tests
    VEHICO steering robots have the best performance values for this test: no interference with the car's LKA system, no cogging, low moment of inertia.
  • Simplified AEB Testing
    Simplifiy your AEB testing with VEHICOs 'Automatic Target Following': less instrumentation, faster testing
  • Inter Robot Communication
    NEW: Reliable communication between robot cars up to 3.5 km
  • Often copied, never reached: The VEHICO Steering Robot
    On-board steering wheel and airbag deployment? With VEHICO's steering robots self-evident since years!
  • EuroNCAP AEB Testing
    Inter-robot communication even between the cars - possible due to the unique flexibility of the VEHICO robots.
  • Automatically driven handling course
    Unimaginable until recently. Now possible. With VEHICO robots. Simple, reproducible, highly dynamical.
  • Support
    Support is a top priority for us. We do not let you down.
  • Multipurpose Pedalrobot CP800
    One robot, no matter which pedal. The ideal system for ADAS testing.
  • EuroNCAP AEB Testing
    Europe's largest automobile club ADAC relies on VEHICO robots as key equipment for EuroNCAP AEB testing.
  • Saving Time
    Customer benefit is important for us. Our control loops don't need time consuming parameterization.
  • Automatic ISO Lane Change
    High dynamic driving. Objective. Without driver influence. Possible with our innovative automatic track control CO.TRACK.
  • Steering Robot
    Is the setup time important for you? We don't know of any other steering robot that can be mounted that fast.
  • Brake Robot
    Fast. Strong. Precise. The optimal solution for objective brake testing.
  • Brake Robot
    Flexible. You can arbitrarily switch between all control modes even within one test run.
  • Automatic Track Control CO.TRACK
    Objective driving, no matter on what surface: tarmac, ice, gravel. Highly dynamical. Precise. Reproducible.
  • Automatic Emergency Brake Testing
    You want to define customized test szenarios? No problem with our driving robots!
  • VEHICO test track for automatic vehicle testing

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With our web-based unified operating software you have all the freedom to use one or multiple systems. Even the most complex driving robot scenarios are configured as easily as a single system alone. There is no need for an expensive specialized software. The only thing you need is a browser!

What customer say about us

"Until recently we have used only products from competitors. We should have done the switching to VEHICO driving robots much earlier!"


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38118 Braunschweig

Phone: +49 531 20835 110
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