The steering robot already comes with a variety of standard steering maneuvers. This includes for example the sine with dwell, increasing sine, sine sweep to determine a frequency response, pulse steer, J-turn and fishhook steering maneuvers etc.

However if you want to drive steering maneuvers that differ from the standard, you can configure almost any steering angle trajectories using the VEHICO scripting language. Thanks to simple commands this is very easy, since the resulting steering angle trajectories can be simulated and graphically analyzed in the steering robot software.




With our web-based unified operating software you have all the freedom to use one or multiple systems. Even the most complex driving robot scenarios are configured as easily as a single system alone. There is no need for an expensive specialized software. The only thing you need is a browser!

What customer say about us

"Until recently we have used only products from competitors. We should have done the switching to VEHICO driving robots much earlier!"


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