The powerful brake robot CB2100 is characterized by a rugged construction and the versatility of possible applications in everyday test operations. In addition to the control variables pedal position and pedal force, the vehicle brake pressure and vehicle deceleration can also be controlled. Switching between the four control modes is of course possible also within a test run. Numerous interfaces facilitate the integration of sensors. As for all VEHICO robots we attached great importance to a short setup time and an intuitional operation. With our brake robot we offer the prerequisites for objective brake testing.


BrakeRobotCB2100 2Controller passengers sideWebinterface Welcome


The VEHICO Brake Robot offers the following features


Other features


Technical Data

max. velocity 120 cm/s
max. force
2000 N
interfaces CAN, LAN, RS232, Digital In, Digital Out
power supply vehicle on-board power 11-15V DC
weight of drive unit 8 kg
resolution pedal position
0.01 mm


Range of Application


More information

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