With over 10 years of worldwide operation the VEHICO steering robots enjoy an increasing popularity. From the beginning very much appreciated by our customers was the fact that the vehicle's own steering wheel does not have to be removed. Our leading role in behind-the-wheel steering robots is even approved by competitors as they newly try to copy our design. No copy you find elsewhere reaches our quality, flexibiltiy and smooth running behaviour.

VEHICO's steering robot design guarantees that the engine control units are not confused by the lack of the vehicle's own steering wheel and that the airbag deployment remains ensured. No disturbing or even dangerous structures between the steering wheel and the driver are necessary. These advantages are even combined with an unbeatable short installation time.

The VEHICO steering robots can execute highly dynamic steering accurate and repeatable in any test vehicle. Typical applications are sideslip tests according to FMVSS 126 respectively ECE R13-H, autonomous driving or rollover testing. The steering robots of the newest generation are available in three different performance classes.


VEHICO SteeringRobotCS-B h150pxVEHICO Webinterface SteeringRobot H150pxController passengers side



The VEHICO Steering Robots offer the following features


Other features

Technical Data

interfaces CAN, LAN, RS232, Digital In, Digital Out
power supply vehicle on-board power 11-15V DC
steering angle velocity depending on version up to 1200°/s
steering torque up to 60 Nm at 1200°/s
overall weight < 30 kg
resolution of steering angle 0,05°



Range of Application


More information

For more information about the steering robots please contact us via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., by phone +49-531-20835-110 or contact one of our international sales partner!