VEHICO COSync Icon 70pxWith CO.SYNC two or more test vehicles with arbitrary arrangements are autonomously driven precisely synchronized to each other by means of radio communication. This constellation is essential for the design of future driver assistance systems like cornering assistents or adaptive cruise control systems.


CO.SYNC - principle design

CO.SYNC is based on two or more vehicles equipped with the CO.DRIVE system for autonomous driving. Since normal automatic driving of one car controls the vehicle's own state data but not the one of other potential test participants, CO.SYNC represents the appropriate functional extension for tests with more than one car. The data of each individual vehicle is wirelessly transmitted to a special synchronization module. This module generates dynamic reference values according to the previously specified test constellations which are tranfered to each vehicle. An optimal synchronization between the vehicles is guaranteed despite to possible disturbances.

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Range of Application

CO.SYNC is applied where the relative positions of two vehicles is of particular importance such as the compliance of a specific distance. Another application area are vehicle tests in which one or more vehicles must be at a certain time at a predefined point, for example to drive exactly on the time in certain specified measurement areas.

  • development of future driver assistance systems and vehicle control systems
    eg. ACC, cornering assistance, collision avoidance etc.
  • accident reconstruction
    particularly for cases in which an accident with two involved vehicles must be reconstructed
  • Crash
    compatibility testing and vehicle-vehicle tests under arbitrary angles

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With our web-based unified operating software you have all the freedom to use one or multiple systems. Even the most complex driving robot scenarios are configured as easily as a single system alone. There is no need for an expensive specialized software. The only thing you need is a browser!

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"We had previously worked a lot with steering robots, but since we use a VEHICO Steering Robot, we have doubled the number of tested vehicles."


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