• Adas Testing
  • ESC Test
  • ISO Lane Change Test
  • LDW/LKA Testing

The right equipment
for every test

The use of VEHICO driving robots and their controls is diverse and helps to realise driving tests easily and quickly. Whether you need to perform an ADAS test or an endurance test, you will find the right robots with us!


Wide range of applications for our products

ADAS Testing

VEHICO driving robots and the driving dynamics control systems CO.Drive and CO.Sync offer the possibility to automate ADAS tests.

AEB Testing

Our steering and pedal robots and their track-controlled driving provide reproducible results for AEB tests.

Durability Testing

By using the VEHICO driving robot systems and CO.Drive, endurance tests can be completed automatically and, if necessary, unmanned.

ESC Test

Our steering robots are ideally suited for ESC tests where steering angle accuracy and extreme steering speed are required at the same time.

ISO Lane Change Test

With the VEHICO steering robot CS-B and the VEHICO lane guidance CO.Track, the driver's influence can be completely eliminated during the ISO lane change test.

LDW/LKA Testing

With an extremely low steering torque when switched off, the CS-B20 steering robot is ideal for LDW and LKA tests.

Misuse Test

With the help of our driving robot components for steering wheel and pedals and the VEHICO CO.Remote System, it is possible to perform misuse tests without a driver present in the driving train.

Noise Measurement

By using the VEHICO accelerator pedal robot CG300 for your noise measurement, you significantly increase efficiency, e.g. in a noise pass-by measurement.

Rollover Test

The VEHICO CS-B steering robot is ideally suited for generating the steering angle during the slope rollover.

Simplified AEB Testing

AEB tests can be simplified with the help of VEHICO CO.Track and the use of our Inter Robot Communication IRC.


Vehicle stunts that would be too dangerous for a stuntman can be performed unmanned with driving robots from VEHICO.

Test Benches

The testing of vehicles on test benches can be considerably simplified by the use of VEHICO driving robots.