Compact pedal robot

Universally applicable in vehicle testing due to its small and compact design

The compact gas pedal robot was developed by VEHICO especially for the requirements of vehicle testing. With the three control modes pedal position, vehicle speed and distance, the accelerator pedal robot can be used universally for all kind of test applications.

For each control variable, any desired curve can be specified and tested with highest precision and reproducibility, even in the most diverse test vehicles. It is of course possible to switch between the three control variables during a test run.

Performance Features

The unique concept of Gas Pedal Robot CG300

easy and fast adaptability

The VEHICO accelerator pedal robot is universally adaptable to a wide variety of accelerator pedals and at the same time quick to install. The pedal travel is measured fully automatically within a few seconds. The gas pedal robot can be mounted on both upright and suspended pedals.

driver can always override pedal

The driver can drive the vehicle close to unrestricted manual driving and override the accelerator robot at any time.

maximum range of motion also for test drivers with big feet

Thanks to the on top mounting of the compact drive unit the footwell area between driver's seat and gas pedal remains completely free. The range of motion in the footwell area stays nearly unimpaired.

velocity and distance control

Controlling the pedal position is of course the most basic function. However, you will only get to know the full performance when the accelerator pedal robot is operated with speed or distance control. In tests with a second vehicle, the distance can be controlled with high precision, regardless of whether your own vehicle is driving behind, in front of or next to the target vehicle. Parallel driving, intersection scenarios, overtaking or turning manoeuvres can also be realised. In combination with a VEHICO steering robot, this opens up all the possibilities you need for testing modern assistance systems (ADAS).


Likewise all robots the VEHICO accelerator robot is equipped with an OBD2 interface. With this you are conveniently enabled to use the cars own velocity signal for the velocity control and can abandon an external sensor.

combinable with all VEHICO steering and brake robots

The gas pedal robot is combinable with all VEHICO steering and brake robots. All driving robots can be operated together from one common webinterface, they can run synchronized between each other and the logged data is merged.

Technical Data

Convincing Key Data

110 cm/s

max. speed

300 N

max. force

0.6 kg


Further development of the CG800

Flex pedal robot system

We have developed our latest pedal robot system based on our pedal robots and the CG800 as well as our extensive experience in driving robot applications:
the Flex Series pedal robot.

Using state-of-the-art electronics and mechanics, we have created a unique system that sets new standards.

See for yourself!

Read more

Areas of application

Wide Range of Applications

Due to the enormous flexibility, our pedal robots are used in a variety of different applications:

  • all tests in which it is important to maintain an exact speed
  • NCAP AEB City, Interurban and Pedestrian Protection Tests, such as e.g. CCFtap  >>>
  • Assessment of the acceleration capacity
  • Examination of the drive train
  • Application of step, ramp or sinusoidal stimulation to the accelerator
  • Investigations concerning acceleration characteristics while turning (in combination with the VEHICO steering robot)
  • ... and much more!


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