Fail-safe emergency brake actuator

Safety for unmanned driving tests

Safety-relevant driving tests, during which no driver can sit at the wheel of the test vehicle, are constantly increasing. During the test period, it must nevertheless be ensured that the vehicle can still be brought to a standstill safely and quickly even if test components fail.

For such applications, VEHICO offers a fail-safe emergency brake actuator, which can activate the brake pedal from outside the vehicle.

Performance Features

The unique concept of the Failsafe Emergency Brake Actuator

fail-safe operation of the brake pedal

The emergency brake system enables a fail-safe operation of the vehicle brake pedal. By its own energy storage it is independent from the vehicle power system and even if the vehicle power fails the system brings the vehicle safely to a halt.

manual trigger with defined pedal force

With the help of a hand switch a passenger can trigger a manual brake actuation at any time. The adjustable braking force even enables application of panic braking tests or emergency brake maneuvers.

braking by driver still possible

The driver seat remains free even with installed emergency brake system. Therefore the test car can be driven normally, for example for transfer purposes. The manual control of the brake pedal is still possible.

auto diagnosis

The system has extensive auto diagnostic algorithms and is monitoring itself during the entire test period. If an irregular situation is determined, this is immediately reported and a security maneuver is initiated.

Extension to CC/CP drive

The failsafe emergency brake actuator is an optimal supplement for vehicles with built-in driving robots or own driving dynamics solutions in order to be able to guarantee the safety of the overall system during autonomous driving manoeuvres.

Technical Data


150 cm/s

max. pedal speed

800 N

typ. pedal force

250 ms

typ. duration for max. brake pedal operation

Areas of application

Numerous Application Possibilities

The failsafe emergency brake actuator can be used wherever unmanned driving tests are carried out:

  • Automated Emergency Braking or Panic Braking
  • Autonomous or unmanned driving
  • Fully automatic test drives (durability tests  >>>, bad way testing)
  • Systems for the design and validation of driver assistance systems or pre-crash systems
  • ... and much more


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