VEHICO driving robot at Kistler's Test Track Day

On 11 May, Kistler hosted a Test Track Day at the M1 Concourse race track in Pontiac. Participants had the opportunity to experience our driving robots and various Kistler sensors up close on the dynamics pad.

Kistler's sales and application engineers presented the VEHICO CS-B20 steering robot and the CC800 combined pedal robot in addition to Kistler's wheel force transducer, measuring steering wheel sensor, wheel vector/position sensor (RV4), wheel pulse transducer, S-motion, laser height sensor, DTI logger (data acquisition).

In addition to the installation and removal of the products, the use of VEHICO robots for service life, dynamics and tyre tests was presented, as well as the use of Kistler sensors for various measurements.

VEHICO Marketing Team - 12.05.2021